1 Million Calorie Lasagna – Epic Meal Time

We break the barriers known to cooking and cuisine with this one. We make a lasagna that kills all lasagnas – this is the 1,000,000 Calorie Lasagna!!!


  1. C.A. Rocha says:

    What’s the orchestration at 1:13?

  2. InvaderZim13 says:

    bring them dad titties out

  3. 0NoobMuch0 says:

    I guess next week they’ll be making an epic meal out of hospital food. Wish
    they showed how many kg’s worth of fat was in the meal.

  4. Tom Zborovsky says:

    Seriously, what do you guys do with all that food after a shoot??

  5. Don Doan says:

    That’s me when I forget that I am on a diet

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