3 Ingredient Mango Chia Shake (Dairy Free)


My favorite 3 ingredient mango shake (DAIRY FREE). You guys will love it, make sure to tag me on social media if you do decide to make it! Enjoy!

Hey Simply Bakers,
It’s Lainey and I’m Back!
I had a quick break from youTube, but I have been on Social Media, uploading videos and sharing things I’ve been doing the past few months. But I miss you guys, I miss YouTube and I’m sharing with you one of my favorite smoothie videos. I hope you guys enjoy this.
Meanwhile I’m going to let you guys know, that I’m going to be back this Monday 4pm, with my favorite series Cookie Mondays, so stay tuned for that and I’ll see you then.
Have a great weekend, don’t forget to thumbs up and love you guys! Byeee!

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Music By Leon Solanky
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  1. Mita Majumdar says:

    Wow, after such a long time. I subscribed to your channel and this is the first time you came up with a new video. So glad, I hope you will keep posting often. Tried quite a few of your recipes and lived them. They’re so easy to make.

  2. Byron Chandler says:

    Hi, sweet adorable Lainey. Welcome back to YouTube. It’s been a couple of months since you’ve uploaded a video. Can you make a raspberry shake? I appreciate it. Have a good day, sweet adorable Lainey. 🌹💗💗💗 <3

    • SimplyBakings says:

      Hi Byron, Thanks! Yup I took a much needed break without even realizing. lol. Thanks for the suggestion, I will put that on my to make list.

  3. SimplyBakings says:

    Hey Simply Bakers, I missed you all! Hope you are well!

  4. Alice Wonderland says:

    Lainey, you are my favorite youtube!! You have the best recipes!

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