Dragon Burrito – Epic Meal Time

This week we make a Japanese Burrito with our awesome friend Nikita Dragun

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Dragon Burrito feat Nikita Dragun – Epic Meal time


  1. Epic Meal Time says:

    Shout out to respect and not being a scumbag in the comments section!

    • Kismet Angel says:

      skully511 why does it matter?

    • Michael Hild says:

      Honestly the videos have gone downhill a bit lately but I still watch them bc you guys still make some bomb ass food. I’ll still continue to watch. I just hope you take the negative criticism as just that. Criticism. I still think your most entertaining videos are done with a bottle of jack and a lot of swearing 😛

    • skully511 says:

      Epic Meal Time Why do you have transsexuals as guests now?

    • Kismet Angel says:

      Glitter makes everything better! OG original YouTubers No Drama just plain comedic gold!!! With the very beautiful Nikita !!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sammy Scott says:

      actually collaborate with bill murrey tho

  2. Ana Hognestad says:

    Love you Nikita! Slay mama dragun 🐲💕

  3. Razear says:

    inb4 transgenderism is a mental illness.

  4. Tora-Ky says:

    Her make up can repair a fuckin wall ( Nice boobs and ass btw)

  5. paul savage says:

    Very fun vid and nice fusion these colabs have been a blast hope I get to see the crew soon on emt I miss them

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