Two Shakes-a-Day Diet Plan — Lose weight and keep it off
Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss
We have read it all and seen it all.
As a nurse Starry is here to tell you all. THERE is no shake that will save you! No instant shake, pill or diet plan that can help you shed the pounds.
BUT there is hope!
Starry has a extensive background in not just medicine but health and nutrition. As a athlete she has learned how to eat well and train in a way that conditions her body to excel.
Therefore she knows nutrition and what works and what doesn’t.

This is a AWESOME shake recipe for so many people. People who want to loss weight and FAT. People who are constantly HUNGRY and have sugar highs and lows throughout the day and want to CURVE that. A shake for diabetics w ho also have issues with t heir blood glucose control. A shake for people who are vegan and need extra nutrition. A shake for people w ho are ill and need optimal nutritious calories
Watch and see that there is power in the FOOD you eat!!


Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Flax Seed
Chai Seed
Protein Powder

Fresh or Frozen Organic Fruit (strawberry, raspberry, banana, blueberry, YOU pick the fruit)

Almond or Coconut or Cashew Milk

Coconut Milk Concentrate (1 can)
Raw nuts (almond or Walnut)
Put a Cup to 2 Cups of Raw nuts in Food Processor
Then add the Concentrated Coconut Milk
Keep in fridge as your Base adder

The rest of the ingredients add to your bullet mixer or whatever you have to make smoothies…
EACH item serves a purpose to either regulate your blood sugar, help your fat burning process, or fill you up or give you extra protein ect ect….Th
IS is the best all around shake EVER!!!

Coconut Oil Starry Recommends!

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  1. Brian Carinder says:

    looks good.. i just tried cactus the other night.. we will see how that works as well for my diabeties

  2. Brett Vaughn says:

    I need about 5 of the 10 pound per night shakes lol

  3. Doris donoghue says:

    Hi Starry. I see you gave a little peek of your body as was requested by someone in one of your last videos…LOL…I guess if you got it and work hard for it you should flaunt it right? But seriously great information and thank you for sharing it. One question regarding the flax seeds I have read they block the receptors for thyroid stimulating hormones from absorbing thyroid medication like synthroid. Do you have any thoughts on this? I have hypothyroidism and try to watch those foods like cruciferous vegetables etc that can affect the functioning of the thyroid. Thanks a bunch. I look forward to your reply. God bless
    Doris <> <

  4. Stephen N says:

    Thanks will give it a try, thanks also for the scripture.

  5. JustNCase says:

    I can’t wait to try this shake!!!

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