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Puff pastry is one of the favorite bakery snack of all and a perfect tea time snack. From puff pastry sheet we can prepare many snacks and dessert. In this video showing easiest way of preparing puff pastry sheets with scratch.

Written recipe link –
Video recipe link –

Multipurpose wrappers / spring roll sheets –
Homemade paneer (cottage cheese) –

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  1. Surbhi Cook Book says:

    great nice one .. food connection

  2. Arooj Ali says:

    in microwave???

  3. Ruchi Jindal says:

    ita a very nice recipe..
    some questions..
    1…margarine ..which compys n is not easily available
    2…gluten..which company…
    3…patties bhi batayen..aalloo n paneer ki both…
    very long process
    ..plz amul butter se bhi sikhayen with video..plz
    i really want to mk one…
    halwai style ka moong dal halwa wirh mawa n grainy texture bhi batayen?

    • Food Connection says:

      +Ruchi Jindal Thanks!!…😊
      1- You can use any margarine for making Lily. Lily is not easily available in the market.
      2- No specific company’s gluten is required. Just ask the shopkeeper for gluten.
      3- Will post soon the patties video too.
      4- Butter puff pastry is also in my wish list.
      5- Moong Dal halwa’s video is already uploaded.

  4. damita khedekar says:

    gluten Kya Hai pls ….

    • Food Connection says:

      +damita khedekar Gluten is a protein which increases the elasticity and stretchibility of dough.

  5. Shweta Arya says:


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