Old-Fashioned Southern Tea Cakes Recipe- Remember these?

❤️ SUBSCRIBE: If you grew up in the South chances are you had a “ tea cake lady” or an “ icee lady” on your street! I had both and I still remember those old fashioned Southern tea cakes like it was yesterday. What a nostalgic treat!
I can never find when & where these little “cakes” originated from but they are one of those super old recipes that require only a few ingredients which made them really affordable back in the day. Some folks say they were called Great Depression cookies but they date back waaaaaay further than that!
Now depending on where you’re from in the South determines how you like your tea cakes usually, or at least what you consider to be “an authentic tea cake” . Some like them crunchy and plain, others like them drizzled in glaze and some like them just like this recipe: fluffy & tender in the middle, chewy around the edges with golden, barely crisp bottoms.

Tea cakes are like the love child of a cake, cookie, and biscuit, yet they taste like sweet, flavorful cornbread or pound cake with faint flavors of nutmeg and vanilla.

Now though, it seems like tea cakes are almost a forgotten recipe. Other bolder tea treats have taken their place, which is a shame! They aren’t gonna knock your socks off or anything but they are simple, easy, plain and unique in their own way…and something about that makes them extra special.

Pile them up on a plate, put on some tea, invite your girls over and chat the afternoon away!!


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  1. Kimberly Wielzen says:

    I never heard of them. But they look delicious

  2. Ife Pratt says:

    since my family is nigerian, so the only real way i get to taste and make southern or american foos is through youre recipes. Thanks

  3. Swedish Fisherman says:

    Yay new video! New sub from fried chicken video

  4. Tanya Thompson says:

    My grandmother used to make these..

  5. Tiana Colthirst says:

    OMG my grandma used to make me these all the time now I make them for my kids. They love these

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