Oreo and Irish Cream Shake

Here’s the recipe:

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  1. B Stinson says:

    did you post this to contrast the healthy drink from earlier?

  2. superchopper 1996 says:

    tired of watching this new format bullshit. I’m unsubscribing. just kike the other 10s or thousands of people dissapointed in this shit. what’s the point of making content where only 10 to 20k people watch your videos when your old shit brought millions. I’m out.

  3. John Revell says:

    Already been made you silly shite head

  4. Jack Banana says:

    skyy you destroyed your channel, from 1.x m views to 30-40k….. there is room for old and new format to satisfy all your audiance…. this right now doesnt make sanse…… 2 or 3 a week old format should be good…..

    and bring some of skyy john chanel videos, i’ve been watching your old shit since 2009, atj was the shit.

    – Old school Bastard

  5. umhiimbellaxo says:

    can you do one with peanut butter oreos next?!

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