Taco Challenge feat. Grace Helbig

We try to taco everything in the kitchen with special guest Grace Helbig.

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Taco Challenge feat. Grace Helbig – Epic Meal Time


  1. Epic Meal Time says:

    I know some people are like ‘This is a copy of GMM!’ but it’s actually not. The fundamental difference between this and GMM is that R&L use questionable stuff that we would wonder if it works or not. For example, will a tarantula sushi? On the other hand, we use stuff that we know for sure will be excellent as an ingredient. Our Fast Food Sushi episode from 2010 is essentially a ‘will it sushi’ style video except we never go to the extreme, gross extents that R&L do!
    We just used the title because it’s a way to easily encompass that we are making various kinds of tacos to an internet savvy audience!
    Do you agree? Do you disagree? Either way let us know in the comments section because engagement is hype!

    **We also noticed sound issues on some devices. It won’t affect everyone, but be careful with headphones. That’s right. Watching EpicMealTime is now so hardcore it comes with a warning label!**

  2. anthony whitehead says:

    Harley looks so so different with all that different color hair.go back 2the orginal.

  3. Rhino Boy says:

    600 pound bagel bite, topped with 40 pound calzones

  4. HAZRD REX says:

    a grill cheese sandwich taco is basically a quesadilla

  5. Jack Suminsby says:

    still can’t believe you forgot to put bacon in the breakfast taco

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