The Last Episode of Epic Meal Time

It’s been an awesome 5 years. From the bottom of our artery-clogged hearts, we love all of you…. fans and haters.

Thanks to Hormel for bringing the bacon!

Thanks to our butcher:

Special thanks to Skindeep:


  1. Regi3Australian says:

    My dad runs a fast growing bakery

  2. Carl Gozem says:

    YES. YESS…. That was ace!

  3. Baylin Chen says:


  4. KingChing2000 says:

    Whiskey, butter, bacon, and bitches

  5. An Ure says:

    As a wise man once said
    “i dont give a sh!t about animals, i only give a sh!t about people who
    think they give a sh!t about animals”
    -your mum 2015

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