The NEW EpicMealTime SHOW!! Inventerprise

Inventerprise is a show where creator Harley Morenstein aims to improve the lives of his friends via his eccentric and unique inventions. But, deeper than that, Harley wants to inspire his viewers to believe in themselves, live their dreams and never quit trying. Premieres August 1.

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  1. Karnak says:

    Pretty awesome idea for a show man, you’ve inspired me already. You do you, never stop.

  2. Son of a Diddly says:

    I have an idea for an invention, I’ll rip off Nathan For You

  3. MWYANT19 says:

    youtube red: where youtube shows go to die

  4. Mudya Faisal says:

    Things you’re great, but nothing on YouTube red (currently) would inspire me to sign up for it.

  5. HowToHydroponics says:

    This channel has gone downhill since muscles glasses left.

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